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This is my blog about Asian ball-jointed dolls and anything related. You will find information about my own etsy shop and new things for it and anything I like that has something to do with dolls. I hope you like it!


The new Etsy layout…

So some people are already ‘chosen’ to view the new Etsy layout, and personally I really really dislike it :/ I feel like we’re failing to properly showcase our brand with the current layout that reduces the visible items to the number of categories we have. The navigations is shit, the shop is messy, all important information is pushed to the bottom of the page instead of the neat sidebar we used to have. tl;dr it SUCKS!

This is a sort of apology from us that we don’t have the proper way to show our shop to you, and that we hope that this FAILayout doesn’t stop you from stopping by our show. I am honestly very concerned about how this shitty layout will affect our biz ;3; I’m going to talk with Nordica about possibly moving away from Etsy (but the listing manager is GREAT tho). 

Sorry if this seems ranty but I have provided feedback for the new layout with Etsy. I just really want my banner back :/

(also yes I Googled how to make a screenshot on a Mac since I’m at work and I didn’t know how.. xD)

I had this too and it only showed when I was viewing on chrome. I switched to firefox and everything seemed fine. Most of the people see the old one and the chosen unlucky ones see all with new layout. 

I left some very negative feebback about this, I really really hate the new look. Now I see everything as it used to be, don’t know why :D. If this is the new layout they really are going to use (I understood it was still being tested and will be tweaked at least or not used depending on feedback?) I  might consider other places like suggested storenvy. :( 

WIP deer hat. 

WIP deer hat. 

My labels are here \o/. I have been waiting for these to arrive 8D. So excited to get to use them. 

My labels are here \o/. I have been waiting for these to arrive 8D. So excited to get to use them. 


My new work in progress; Sinéad, the third Fairy of Glendalough, Night Firely. I love dolls with squinty eyes ^___^  <—-

Too.freakin.pretty. Do want. 

New listings in my etsy shop \o/. Overalls and dress set for Dust of Dolls Kröt. https://www.etsy.com/shop/FaeryKiss?section_id=13514420



My latest Junk Doll project; an old Volks F-05 (now F-03).

You know my secrets about de-yellowing resin; now I must kill you.

…just kidding! Spread the word and try it yourself. :)

Great tutorial, wow! Thank you so much!

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